Basic tips for visiting the Amazon

Tips to consider when traveling to the Amazon region

The biological wealth and the mysterious beauty of the Amazon make this destination one of the most desired by world travelers. Thousands of unique species inhabit the Amazon, which is the largest remaining expanse of rainforest in the world.

In Ecuador, the Amazon is one of the four existing natural regions. It comprises the territory of six provinces: Orellana, Pastaza, Napo, Sucumbíos, Morona Santiago and Zamora Chinchipe. It occupies an area of 120,000 square kilometers, inhabited by lush vegetation of the humid-tropical forests.

Ecuadorian part of this great jungle territory, bathed in rivers and crossed by huge body of water-the world’s mightiest river Amazonas is one of the most biologically rich regions around the globe, as it sits on various altitudinal formed at its junction with the Cordillera de los Andes.

In Ecuador, the relief of the Amazon is made up of hills that originate in the eastern Andes and descend to the plains of the Amazon, joining with the Sierra region of the country. This allows travel from the Andes to the Amazon is simple and relatively short (6 hours on average, from Quito), unlike what happens in other countries of the continent, where the regions are separated by vast distances, making it difficult access to the Amazon area.

Numerous rivers originate in the eastern Andes mountains and the Amazon. They are flowing bodies of water, although in most navigable course. The most important are:

Napo River: is formed by the springs that come from the provinces of Tungurahua and Cotopaxi. In his route it receives waters of the Coca, Aguarico and Curaray. By joining with the Maranon River, form the Amazon.
Pastaza River: born with the name Cutuchi and Patate river, and flows into the Marañón river.
Rio Santiago: The result of the union of the Namangoza and Zamora rivers. Also it empties into the Maranon River.
All these references give an idea of the richness and beauty of this region, it is on the list of «must see» of thousands of people.

Wildlife and Seasons trip to the Amazon in Ecuador
As all experts recommend any trip will be better if you know in advance the possibilities and limitations it will have on your chosen destination. In the case of a trip to the Amazon, it is important that you investigate, for example, species indeed be found in this region of the world and finds out which ones are not in sight, but live in the Amazon. That way, you will avoid disappointment.
Another important fact is that river rivers stations. For six months (December and May), the rivers rise and flood the low shores. The consequence is that many forests are underwater.

This season, can be expected to fall between 60 and 180 centimeters of rain in some places. It is a good time to appreciate the riparian plants of fruits and flowers, as well as to observe birds and monkeys on the riverbank. Exploration by canoe flooded forests are an activity that can be done in these months.

In contrast, the «drainpipe» season, the rivers have less flow and sandy shores and land are wider. It is in this season when forest dwellers made their crops. In recent months, travelers can see long sandy beaches along rivers and increase the chances of exploration and hiking.

In both seasons it rains though with different intensities. It is therefore important that trip when you travel, you consider bringing a waterproof sweater and easy drying clothes.

What to wear? Clothing, Health Care and Photography and Video

For those who travel first to the jungle, it can be difficult to choose what to put in the suitcase. Precautions are good, on a trip like this, but if exaggerates be seen loaded with a weight that will create problems.

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Reconocida como uno de los lugares más megadiversos del mundo, la Amazonia ecuatoriana está en la lista de muchos viajeros.

When in Rome, do as the Romans:

During his stay in the Ecuadorian Amazon, you will have the opportunity to interact with members of the indigenous communities that inhabit the area, except, of course, with uncontacted groups.

Many are accustomed to the presence of tourists, but it is very important that you keep an attitude of respect. If you plan to take pictures or make films people or the environment, be sure to ask if you do not mind. In some places, especially in the more touristy, it is possible that people ask a few coins in return. The choice is yours, but not without saying that if someone asks you money in exchange for posing for a picture, and you prefer not to give it, you better not take that photograph or do that video.

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